7 Things to Consider When Buying Hemp Seeds

things to consider when buying hemp seeds
Oppdatert: 30.Des.2018 9:39 | Publisert:29.Des.2018 10:39

Do you wish to try out the hemp seeds? In case you need to give it a try, then you deserve the best from the several available options. Today, a number of people have no idea of what to look out for whenever purchasing the hemp seeds. Below is a summary of the seven key factors to consider before buying any hemp seed. 

Top 7 Consideration to Look Out for

  • Where the hemp was grown
  • What given brand to buy from
  • What is the taste of the hemp seed?
  • The specific kind of hemp seed you need
  • Which has the best reviews
  • Which is available at best price
  • The various ways to consume the raw hemp seeds

Where the Hemp Seed was grown

The hemp seeds are grown in different countries; hence you need to find one that has a better taste and grown under the right condition. The hemp seeds from Canada are known to have the ultimate quality. It is because of their excellent taste of the hemp strain the Canadian farmer use and the strict regulations enforced by the Canadian government.

All the hemp seeds from Canada, USA and Europe are very safe since they are Non-GMO. This is because the farmers are restricted to use only the seed varieties listed under the Canada’s Health List of Approved Cultivars. Besides this, they never use pesticides in the farming of hemp seeds.

This brings in the factor of Pro-Cert Organic certification as another important consideration to check out on the brand you purchase.

The market is now full of the Chinese hemp seeds that aren’t grown under restricted rules as those from USA, Canada and Europe. For the ultimate result, you need to double check on the labels of the hemp seed prior to the purchase.

This will aid you to keep off from the Chinese hemp seeds.

What Given Brand to Buy from

The type of hemp seed brand to purchase is another key factor you need to consider before making your purchase. You can now find a wide range of hemp seeds online through Google or Amazon, but not all of them are recommended.

For individuals looking for either toasted or raw hemp seeds, you need to consider making your purchase from Amazon. You may have a view of the below ranking of the brands based on reviews and prices when looking for an ultimate choice.

On the other hand, when you need other types of hemp seed products like the hemp spreads and hemp bars, then you need to consider the myriad domestic brands now providing the mouthwatering option to choose from.

What is the Taste of the Hemp Seed?

In order to know that you have purchased the right hemp seed, the taste is very important. This is because the recommended hemp seeds need to have a pleasant nutty taste. This can be compared to the taste of unflavored sunflower seeds, though with a relatively softer texture.

The Specific Kind of Hemp Seed You Need

What is the kind of hemp seeds you need? It is very important to have an informed idea of the specific hemp seeds you require. You may consider buying either toasted hemp seeds or hemp hearts also known as hulled hemp. The toasted hemp seeds are the entire hemp seeds, which are roasted for a relatively longer timer under a high temperature. The outcome of the roasted hemp seed is a popcorn-like snack, which makes it very elementary to snack on.

The heart hemp seed is the whole hemp seed with a removable crunchy outer shell. When you remove the outer shell of the hemp seed, you will get a more nutritious hemp seed that is known for increasing the percentage of essential fatty acids and proteins in the body.

Apart from the toasted and heart hemp seeds, you can also try out the hemp spreads or bars. This is because a number of hemp producers now add the hemp seeds as the main ingredient to the hemp spreads and hemp bars, making them a perfect choice you may consider.

Which has the Best Reviews

A number of individuals who have used the various hemp seeds brands have gone online to personally review the products based on their own opinion. To find the best brand to try out, you can now look at the Amazon Review Comparison.

This will aid you in finding the ultimate brand with the best reviews. Most of the hemp protein brands have got Amazon reviews of 4.6 stars and above. Besides this, a number of them have more than 100 reviews. Here are the average ratings of some of the top rated and highly recommended protein products on Amazon you may consider.

Which is Available at Best Price

Your budget is always another important factor that will determine the type of hemp seed to buy. From the Amazon Price Comparison, you will always find the best hemp brands with the most competitive prices.

Most of the recommended hemp seed products have got a price range of $9.00 per lb to about $23.00 per lb. The variance in the prices is due to the packaging size and the specific brands. Despite this, you should always find the ultimate hemp seed for your budget.

The Various Ways to Consume the Raw Hemp Seeds

There are different ways you can always eat the raw hemp seeds. Based on your preferred means of consumption, you need to consider it before buying any hemp seed. Below are some of the different ways to eat the hemp seeds;

  • Sprinkle on the top of yogurt, oatmeal, salads, or cereal
  • Consume raw as a snack
  • The toasted hemp seeds are always eaten as popcorn
  • Mix into your smoothie
  • Use the hemp seed as condiment after grounding
  • Use it as a substitute for breadcrumbs to coat fish or chicken
  • Blend it with water to give you the hemp seed milk.

From the above seven consideration, you will always find it very elementary to find the right hemp seed. This, therefore, implies that you will not buy the wrong hemp seeds like those from China instead of brands from Europe, USA and Canada.