Can CBD Help You Sleep Better?

cbd help sleep
Oppdatert: 30.Des.2018 9:39 | Publisert:29.Des.2018 10:39

People use different essential oils to get the medicinal benefits that the oil provides. The good thing about these natural oils is that they come with zero side effects and are completely safe to use. But when cannabidiol is mentioned, the public automatically start thinking of THC and its mind-altering effects. That has long since put to rest when it was shown that CBD is unlike THC in that it provides a calming effect without the psychosis inherent in THC.

CBD oils are on the rise and are beginning to get more demands in the market. Try to Google CBD oil and there will be plenty of CBD products you can try, each with their own lists of benefits and remarkable results.

Can CBD help patients suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia? Society today is in great need of an aid to combat this modern affliction. While it’s true that insomnia has always been present throughout history, our fast-paced world brings about more and more individuals who are having trouble sleeping soundly at night.

Sleeping pills are the quickest solution, but they’re not the healthiest. They may be able to put you to sleep, but the side effects come later. People are now turning to alternative medicine as a means to cure their conditions without the nasty side effects. The fact that these natural medicines are far more affordable makes them the ideal solution.

Sleep Disorders VS Cannabidiol

Scientists have discovered that CBD oil can help alleviate the debilitating symptoms of insomnia, and even cure the condition in some cases. In 2006, there was a clinical study that found some surprising results about CBD and cannabis. Researchers have concluded that cannabidiol, which was the second constituent of cannabis, was by nature a non-psychoactive factor. Conclusive tests with rats proved this to be true- the rats were observed to have heightened alertness in response to light, while having no particular negative effect on how they slept without the presence of any light. This proved that CBD could be used as a therapeutic relief in cases of day time somnolence and it could provide the same effect when an individual sleeps at night.

Cannabidiol’s mechanism is such that it works alongside our ECS, or endocannabinoid system, which controls all the homeostatic functions of our bodies. When our ECS is functioning at a high level, then our bodies are more balanced and we enter a state of good homeostasis. The balance achieved through the use of CBD oil can help with amnesia and other sleep imbalances that a person may experience. CBD is anti-anxiolytic, a component that helps patients fight off panic attacks, anxiety and general depression. Anxiety is one of the major factors that keep people awake all throughout the night. By removing the state of anxiousness, the person feels more relaxed, which brings about sleep conduciveness.

The Best CBD Oil For Insomnia

CBD is now legal in some states. There are now companies who are offering CBD oils and hemp-based products in the market. This means that there’s a rising demand for this natural medicine from patients who are suffering from debilitating conditions in the US and the whole world. Because there are many brands and products to choose from, it can be quite difficult to get the right CBD product that can help you with your sleeping problem.

You’ll need patience, good common sense and lots of time. Start out your search for the best CBD oil by looking online. You’ll find various CBD product reviews on our page, and these will help you determine whether a product is well worth it or not.

Where Can You Purchase CBD Oil?

The most convenient way to buy CBD oil is to go online and visit the most reputable CBD companies who are selling their products on the internet. Take the time and check whether the site looks legitimate or not. Read up on what their previous customers had to say about them in online reviews. When you’re satisfied with what you’ve learned, then you can go ahead and place an order.

What’s The CBD Dosage For Better Sleep?

The simple answer to this question is that the dosage varies per individual. Our unique body chemistry is different for each person, and therefore the reactivity threshold and tolerance levels are different as well.

The best way to determine an accurate dosing is to consult with your physician on how much you need to start getting a good night’s sleep. If not, then there’s an alternative you can use on your own. Start out by administering a low dose, then gradually increase the dosage until you get the desired effect. Be careful not to increase the dosage too much or have it at a high dosage right from the start.

CBD and REM Sleep

REM, or rapid eye movement is a phase achieved when we sleep. Our eyes move around quickly while muscle tone is greatly reduced. This phenomena causes us to dream. REM sleep is important because it plays a huge role in our overall health and well-being.

During this phase, blood flows to the muscles which gives the brain time to relax and reset itself to optimal levels. As such, having little or no REM sleep will have a negative impact in one’s health and how they go about day-to-day matters.

CBD has shown great promise in the field of acquiring better REM sleep. CBD was used effectively in regulating REM sleep in lab tests with mice by reducing anxiety levels. Anxiety is a major factor in patients suffering from insomnia. CBD helped alleviate anxiousness, and the mice were able to sleep better and enter REM stage.


Numerous findings have shown that CBD can definitely help individuals achieve REM sleep and stave off insomnia. Those who are suffering from insomnia may also opt for CBD oils that have low levels of THC to treat this sleeping disorder.

Make sure to check with your physician before making buying CBD oils as they could provide vital information such as proper dosage and application. If possible, do not self-medicate and seek professional assistance as soon as you can.