Hemp is the Latest Trend in Body and Skincare

hemp skincare
Oppdatert: 30.Des.2018 9:39 | Publisert:29.Des.2018 10:39

Since time immemorial, human beings and especially woman has been keen to figure out ways to look beautiful and find out more innovative ways of taking care of their skin. Over the ages, multiple processes and products have been claimed by their inventors or discoverers to be the best in providing skin care. With each passing year, the Beauty Industry is being flooded with new treatments and products. It is a nightmare for the consumer to make a choice from what is available to help them look and feel better.

However, it is a no brainer to resort to natural herbs and remedies to take care of your beauty needs. Over the ages, the benefits of a lot of natural herbs have been discovered and put to use. One such plant is the Hemp plant which has a huge number of benefits, especially relating to beauty and skincare and has become very popular amongst beauty enthusiasts.

Hemp is actually a variety of the cannabis sativa plant and is one of the fastest growing plants. Most of its parts can be used for human consumption like for food or for making a lot of commodities that are used by humans. These range from paper, clothing, biodegradable plastics, textiles, paints, insulation, animal feed, bio fuel, etc. For beauty related applications, it can be used to make skin care masks or consumed in regulated quantities for health-related benefits.

How does hemp help my skin?

Hemp has been scientifically proven to have nutrients that can improve the health of your skin. The seeds of the plant can be eaten raw or made into a paste to be had with soups or salads. The leaves of the plant can be added to salads as well. It can also be crushed and the liquid used for consumption.
The oil taken out of the seeds contains high amounts of essential unsaturated fatty acids.

This oil is very good for skin and applying it helps clean grime and dirt that sticks to the pores caused by pollution. This oil does not clog the skin at all and can be used on all kinds of skin types. It also creates a sort of a barrier over the skin preventing any further moisture loss.

This also contains a lot of astringent properties that can balance the sebum production of the skin and is particularly good for use on oily skin. To prevent acne, the oil can be applied as well as consumed. The oil is also rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and can help in the treatment of conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. It also sooths and softens the rough parts of the skin like the elbows, the knuckles, the heels, and the knees.

Since the oil is light and dry, it can help shrink the large pores of the skin and tighten them. Blackheads and pimples caused by excessive sebum secretion are also controlled by application of hemp seed oil. Varicose veins are also said to be reduced through application of hemp seed oil as it is said to have blood thinning or anticoagulant properties.

Hemp oil is also said to be rich with antioxidants and is also used as an anti-aging product. Applying this increases the elasticity of the skin and helps the tissues to retain more water. Thus, the skin becomes more tight, supple, and toned. It helps the skin to glow and have a brighter shine.

It is always advisable to consult a medical practitioner for consumption or application of hemp as this can have adverse effects on people with chronic conditions. Before using help oil on your skin, apply a little amount to a small patch of skin and see if there is any reaction or allergy.

How to add more hemp to your life

Apart from the application of hemp in its different forms such as soaps, moisturizers or shampoos, it can also be administered in other ways to get better results and improve the health and appearance of the skin. As mentioned earlier, hemp seeds contain a huge amount of essential unsaturated fatty acids. The seeds or oil taken out of the seeds can be added in multiple ways to your daily diet and consumed.

About 100 grams of seeds contain 586 calories. Each seed is made up of 5% of water, 5% of carbohydrates, 49% of fat, and 31% of protein. These can provide the daily value of protein such as from meat, milk, or eggs. The seeds can be ground into a powder, or sprouted or can be eaten raw. They are soaked in water and ground to make a liquid that is called hemp milk and can also be added to hot beverages like coffee, etc.

Hemp seeds are also rich in vitamin B along with the major minerals required for the human body like calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and manganese. The nutrients present in the oil are said to help control blood sugar levels from rising further. Regular intake of hemp infused in the diet may help improve the overall health.

Shelled hemp seeds can be taken with any food and add a nutty taste to the dish. Since the seeds have high amount of fiber, they help improve the digestive system as well as boost the immune system. These are added to yoghurt or scattered over salads or cereals for that extra crunch. They add to the overall taste of the dish and seem similar to pine nuts in taste.

Hemp oil can also be used to add flavor to salads or pasta and can be used as a dressing where it may be used as a substitute for butter for adding an extra zest to dishes. Baking is also another great application.

Hemp can also be consumed in the form of protein and is made from the flour that is left over after extracting hemp oil from the seed. In this regard, it may be used as a supplementary protein in your daily diet. There are numerous methods to infuse the usage of hemp in your diet and you can be as innovative as you like.

So, choose the way you want to use hemp in your daily routine, whether applying it to your skin or making it a part of your daily diet. Make this a habit to better your health and start feeling and looking fresh and good.