New Large Scale Study on CBD Proves Its Usefulness in Treating Epilepsy

Oppdatert: 30.Des.2018 9:39 | Publisert:29.Des.2018 10:39

A recently published study has come up with further scientific evidence supporting the role of CBD oil in relieving epilepsy symptoms. 

The study, which was published in the May 2017 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, focuses on the effectiveness of CBD in treating Dravet syndrome, one of the most complex forms of infant epilepsy.

Here, it must be noted that hemp-based CBD extracts are used to treat both epilepsy stricken kids and adults around the globe and the results are truly impressive. However, the law and medical establishment are still lagging behind.

It’s true that this new study has provided parents of children suffering from epilepsy strong reasons to use CBD extracts to help their kids deal with the symptoms. However, scientists have not yet found any direct link between epilepsy treatment and CBD. The section below would inform you about this newly published study along with two older ones.

CBD Oil Reduced Seizures in Kids with Dravet Syndrome Significantly

The study has been authored by nine researchers and had a total of 120 young adults and children suffering from Dravet syndrome as participants. During the study, some of these participants were made to add CBD (Cannabidiol) to their regular treatment regimens.

The researchers began by counting the number of epileptic seizures the participants had during a four week period. This helped them in establishing a baseline rate for each of the patients. Then, for 14 consecutive weeks, some of those patients received a dose of 20 mg CBD oil every day, while others received a placebo.

At the end of the 14 week period, it was found that the average number of seizures the participants treated with CBD experienced per month dropped to 5.9 from 12.4. Patients belonging to the control group (the ones who received the placebo), on the other hand, experienced a decrease of only 0.8. In addition, around 43% of the participants who were treated with CBD saw the number of seizures they had every month reduce by 50% or more.

What’s even more inspiring is that 5% of these people became absolutely seizure free after being treated with CBD. The number of seizure free individuals in the control group, on the other hand, was zero.

Researchers conducting this study also surveyed the parents under the label of Caregiver Global Impression of Change. They found that as much as 62% of parents/caregivers believed that the overall condition of their children improved after being treated with CBD oil. On the other hand, just 34% of parents with children in the control group expressed satisfaction about their kids’ response to the treatment.

While it’s true that the placebo did manage to help children with epilepsy, the findings of the study clearly showed that CBD is capable of improving the patients’ conditions more prominently. The study authors wrote that CBD succeeded in inducing greater decrease in the frequency of convulsive seizures compared to the placebo.

However, the scientists also mentioned that the CBD users experienced more serious side effects. The rate of patients dropping out was more in the CBD group than in the placebo group. The scientists wrote that side effects that were more common among patients in the CBD group compared to the control group included pyrexia, fatigue, vomiting, abnormal outcome of liver function test, somnolence, and diarrhea.

While CBD oil rarely cause side effects, some of the above mentioned conditions are also observed in adult users.

Government Is Concentrating on Controlling CBD Use Ignoring Past and Current Studies
Before this new study, several other studies conducted over the years have shown that CBD helps individuals suffering from epilepsy.

One of the most prominent names among proponents of medical use of Cannabidiol is Raphael Mechoulam. He was part of the team that first isolated different active ingredients of cannabis. Mechoulam was also a member of the team of researchers conducting the vital 1980 study that disclosed the benefits offered by CBD oil. The said study was published in the famous journal Pharmacology.


During the study, both epileptic patients and healthy volunteers were made to consume Cannabidiol. Out of the 15 epileptic patients receiving CBD, almost all showed significant improvement.
In spite of getting such positive results from the early studies, it took several decades and a lot of advocacy and activism for CBD to make even minimum progress in the world of medicines.
Even now, there are very few physicians who prescribe CBD to their patients openly. The doctors shouldn’t, however, be blamed for this as they are possibly afraid of recommending or prescribing anything which is still in a gray area legally.

Although some states have CBD-only programs and medical cannabis laws, recent reports are suggesting that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is against the medical use of CBD oil. This has forced law enforcement departments of various states to follow suit.

Individual CBD users appear to be safe at this point as companies are still offering hemp oil abiding by the regulations established by the Farm Bill of 2014. However, news of random raids in Texas and Kansas are truly upsetting.

Future of Cannabidiol in America

The DEA has recently been sued by the Hemp Industries Association over its verdict on CBD. Experts are saying that legalization of medical cannabis has taken too many steps forward for the clock to be turned back completely. However, what’s disturbing the hemp advocates most is the tendency of the federal government to crackdown on Cannabidiol and cannabis on the whole in spite of being aware of the various benefits they offer and their proven safety.

What’s even more disturbing is that while the Drug Enforcement Administration is saying that cannabis doesn’t have any medical benefit, the country’s Department of Health is still holding the patent on use of cannabinoids and cannabis for their neuroprotectant and antioxidant properties.
To us, it’s clear that cannabis has several medical benefits. There are innumerable Cannabidiol oil users and a series of clinical studies conducted over the years that can confirm that Cannabidiol can treat a number of health conditions safely and effectively.

We can only hope that soon even the mainstream medicine and the government would start acknowledging the medical benefits offered by cannabis and make it available to every person in need .