Some Must-Know Facts about CBD

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CBD, or Cannabidiol is primarily a cannabis based compound, which has gained much attention because of its prominent medical benefits. Unlike cannabis, CBD doesn’t make users feel “high” or “stoned”, and in fact, has the ability to neutralize THC’s psychoactivity.

CBD, or Cannabidiol is primarily a cannabis based compound, which has gained much attention because of its prominent medical benefits. Unlike cannabis, CBD doesn’t make users feel “high” or “stoned”, and in fact, has the ability to neutralize THC’s psychoactivity.

Due to this less psychoactive or non-psychoactive property of CBD in comparison to other cannabis strains that are THC-dominant, more and more patients are opting for CBD-rich cannabis to get relief from pain, inflammation, psychosis, anxiety, spasms, seizures and various other medical conditions without bewildering feelings of dysphoria or fatigue.

Medical benefits of CBD

The government of USA has a significant role to play in discovering the medical benefits of the CBD as it has sponsored majority of the clinical and scientific researches. Most of these researches highlight that CBD can be potentially used for treating several conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, MS, alcoholism, chronic pain, PTSD, infections that are antibiotic-resistant, epilepsy, depression and schizophrenia among various neurological disorders.

It has also been demonstrated through these researches that CBD contains neurogenic and neuroprotective effects, while the anti-cancer properties of CBD are still under investigated by many academic research institutes in different parts of the world including the US. The researches so far have also found evidence to suggest that even high doses of CBD are safe.

With the growing popularity of CBD, there is an increase in the number of people making enquiries about the availability of products that are CBD-rich, and the way in which one can get maximized benefits from using these products. Although, only THC-rich cannabis was made available to patients hailing from North America and other parts of the world for decades, but now medical users can avail CBD-rich cannabis for effective relief from their conditions.

CBD Dominand vs CBD Rich

To clear the confusion about “CBD dominant” and “CBD-rich”, it can be said that a product or strain that is CBD-rich with very little content of THC is known to be “CBD dominant”; whereas a product or strain that contains THC and CBD in equal amounts, or contains slightly more CBD in comparison to THC (generally 4% more CBD by dry weight at least) is known to be “CBD-rich”.

What You Should Expect From A Cannabis Medicine:

It is important that you have proper knowledge about the cannabis medicine before buying it for your condition.

Here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Proper Labeling- Search for clear labels that show the ratio and quantity of THC and CBD per dose, batch number and manufacturing date (to help you with quality control information)
  • CBD-rich cannabis- To get the maximum benefit of CBD’s therapeutic impact, you must opt for products including CBD as well as non-intoxicating compound along with THC, which is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis. CBD works best when combined with THC, as both these components enhance the therapeutic effects of each other.
  • Lab Tested- Search for only those products that have been tested in the lab for their consistency, and have been verified to be free from pesticides, mold, solvent residues, bacteria and other forms of contaminants.
  • High Quality Ingredients- Make sure that the products contain only top quality ingredients. The products should not contain transfats, GMOs, corn syrup, or any other artificial additives.
  • Safely Extracted- You should particularly avoid those products that are extracted using solvents such as hexane, propane, BHO or any other hydrocarbons. Instead opt for products that have been extracted using safer methods such as supercritical CO2.
  • Opt Out Of Industrial Hemp- Hemp contains low cannabinoid content when compared with cannabis (whole plant). A lot of hemp is used for extracting an insignificant CBD amount, which increases the risk of more contaminants, as hemp is a bioaccumulator that draws toxins and other contaminants from soil. The whole plant cannabis is characterized by terpene profile that improves the therapeutic benefits associated with THC and CBD.

How CBD Oil Differs From Hemp Oil

It is highly recommended that you opt for CBD-rich cannabis products that are made with organic cannabis (whole plants) only, as such products offer the most reliable safety profile as well as the most effective medicinal benefits.

There are several issues with CBD products that are made using industrial hemp, some of which are listed below:

  • There is a lot less content of cannabidiol in industrial hemp in comparison to CBD-rich cannabis products, which is why a great amount of the hemp needs to be used for extracting a small CBD amount. This in turn, increases the risk of available contaminants in the product, as hemp, being a “bioaccumulator”, draws in maximum toxins and other contaminants from soil.
  • Whether you consider buying refined CBD or hemp-driven CBD, both of these products don’t contain sufficient medical terpenes or secondary cannabinoids that are easily available in cannabis oil. Both the secondary cannabinoids and terpenes interact with THC and CBD to improve their effectiveness in providing relief from medical conditions.
  • Federal law does not allow the use of hemp flowers and leaves for making drug products.
  • Entrepreneurs of hemp oil try to get by this legal issue by making dubious claims that their CBD extraction is made from hemp stalk only prior to importing the product to the US.

CBD Oil- The Dosage

Cannabis As Personalized Medicine This therapeutic use of cannabis is generally personalized. For the right treatment, two factors are important- the individual and his/her medical condition.

To get maximum benefit, you should opt for a product that contains tertrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and a non-inotxicating compound.

Both THC and CBD work together to improve the therapeutic benefits of each other and these components work best when they are placed together. The ratio and dosage of the product is determined by the sensitivity of a patient to THC.

While many patients have the ability to take in reasonable doses with any side effects, there are some who can get dysphoric even by consuming a small amount of CBD-rich cannabis. CBD has the potential to neutralize THC’s intoxicating effects, which is why having a high amount of CBD mixed with a low amount of THC, can help you avoid getting “high”. The first and most important step for effective treatment is finding what ratio suits you best.

Finding The Appropriate Ratio- Despite federal law ban, cannabis medicine doses can be availed through sublingual sprays (infused), extracts of concentrated oil, edibles, capsules, and various other products. Potent extracts of cannabis oil come in varying THC and CBD ratios, which are calibrated essentially to suit the sensitivities and requirements of individual patients.

Patients suffering from depression, anxiety, pediatric seizure and spasms, mostly start with CBD-dominant products in moderate dose (10:1 for CBD: THC). However, a low content of THC may not offer the best results in therapeutic effects. Combining THC with CBD will offer more medical benefits to a patient, rather than opting for only THC or only CBD.

Patients suffering from neurological disorders or cancer, can get maximum benefits by combining CBD and THC in 1:1 ratio. This ratio has also been backed by clinical researches, especially for patients suffering from neuropathic pain.

In order to make the most of therapeutic cannabis, you need to carefully go through a step-by-step procedure of cannabis dosage, in which you gradually start with small doses and then move on to take higher doses to get medical benefits in the best possible way. The goal of this gradual process is to consistently self-administer measurable CBD –rich cannabis doses for effective remedy in a comfortable manner.

Guidelines For Dosage

You need to decide the way in which you want to use cannabis. You can find cannabis oil in various forms such as edibles, capsules, sprays among others.

Make sure that you know your ratio. Different cannabis products come with different amounts of THC and CBD. It is not necessary that a high THC or high CBD product is superior to another strain that has a balanced ratio of these two components. Look for the correct combination so that you can optimize the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

Always start with lose dosage, especially when you have no previous experience using medical cannabis.
Instead of taking a big dose, you should consider taking small doses all through the day.
Continue to take the same ratio and dosage for many days. Make sure that you observe the cannabis effects and, adjust the amount or ratio if necessary.

Don’t try to overdo the whole thing. Many users go overboard trying to get the best results from their cannabis therapeutics.

Be careful of the side effects. Although, cannabis happens to be a forgiving and safe medicine, its effectiveness depends on individual tolerance and delivery method. It has the potential to amplify mood disorders and anxiety levels. Other side effects that you might possibly experience include faintness, dry mouth and dizziness.

Don’t forget to consult with a health counselor. You should proceed very carefully, especially if there is history of drug abuse, alcohol, mental illness, or if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.