Using Hemp CBD Oil To Treat Our Dogs 

can cbd treat our dogs
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For a while now, we have kept an eye on the growing cannabidiol abbreviated as (CBD). Cannabidiol oil is a derivative of the hemp plant and has some of the medical benefits of medical marijuana. It is habitually obtained from medicinal cannabis cultivars. CBD oil has been known as well used to treat millions of human patients suffering from various diseases.

This oil works best when diluted using a carrier oil such as coconut oil to help manage as well reduce debilitating seizures affecting the lives of the people suffering from Dravet syndrome as well as epilepsy. Besides humans, dogs have also started benefiting from the affirmative effects of CBD oil. Sources suggest that CBD oil has been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of various health conditions in dogs such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and cancer.

In certain states across the country, medical marijuana is an option for people suffering from various ailments and seeking relief. With more than a half a dozen states having now entirely legalized cannabis and with 19 more medically authorized states, the momentum for full cannabis legalization is accelerating in the United States.

As this medical marijuana is becoming more accessible to people, pet owners are looking for ways and means they can use this new family of medications to assist their pets. Whether a dog has cancer or seizures, cannabis oil can serve as an alternative medication to help treat symptoms.

It’s important also to note that CBD oil is a treatment option still in its early stage and much is still to be learned about its efficacy along with long-term effects. Therefore, here’s everything pet parents need to know about cannabis oil for dogs.

Can CBD Help Our Dogs

Hemp oil is alternative Omega 3 oil for those of us who like to offer variety. As research continues to emerge, pet parents along with veterinarians alike are discovering that medical cannabis provides positive benefits for dogs in many different ways. CBD hemp can help with both chronic and acute diseases.

Among chronic conditions, it can help with stress responses, compromised immune systems, and arthritis as well as digestive issues. In more general terms, CBD oil can be used to soothe dogs during thunderstorm fears, long-distance traveling, and social anxiety.

Dogs tend to suffer from joint pains as they get older and veterinarians have found CBD essential. The promising aspect of using CBD that could help your dog get off synthetic drugs is that it typically has short and long term side effects. Actually, help oil even if it can’t entirely replace the conventional drugs could help you lower the doses that the pet has to take.

The benefits of CBD oil have started to become widely known through various peer-reviewed studies.
People should consider adding up hemp oil to their dog’s diet for the following advantages:

  • Inhibiting cancer cell growth
  • Reducing or helping to control seizures
  • Increasing cognitive function
  • Combating degenerative diseases and aging
  • Minimizing aggression disorders and noise phobias
  • Lowering blood sugar levels
  • Reducing appetite
  • Reducing nausea
  • Reducing stress along with anxiety
  • Reducing pain
  • Improving general wellness and health
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Promoting bone growth
  • Increasing muscle repair after strenuous exercise
  • Improving circulation

How CBD Works for Our Dogs: The Canine’s Endocannabinoid System

Cannabis is actually made up of cannabinoids. Each living being has an endogenous cannabinoid system. Research on how cannabinoids affect the human body has shown that they mainly interact with our endocannabinoid system and a nervous system that exists throughout our body.

The system is potentially the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining health. Substantially, cannabinoids are chemical compounds in cannabis that produce its effects on the body.

This endocannabinoid system abbreviated as (ECS) has now been found to exist in all vertebrates throughout the body particularly in the brain, organs, glands, connective tissues and immune cells. Scientifically, dogs have a similar anatomy to humans.

Dogs share almost 70% biological homology with humans. Studies in the last decade have shown that the endocannabinoid system can be found in nearly everyone mammal. Cannabinoids bind to receptors within the dog’s body similar to how CBD interacts with receptors in our endocannabinoid system.

The cannabinoid system performs diverse tasks but the primary goals always are the same, and they include; maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment and homeostasis.

Honestly, the complete explanation of how CBD works is a little intricate. Considering that CBD works directly with this nervous system, we can for sure conclude that CBD will have some influence on our dogs.

The CBD interacts with nature with the immune as well as a nervous system of your pets, making them more certain, more relaxed and healthier across the board.

Using Hemp CBD Oil For Dogs- How and How Much?

CBD is one of the components of cannabis. It’s a natural food supplement with a laundry list of medical benefits typically administered orally to dogs. CBD can be used in conjunction with traditional medications and treatments.

It’s obvious that dogs have sharp teeth, but if you can drop some CBD oil under their tongue, you will definitely enjoy the best results. This ensures that at least some oil is absorbed into the dog’s bloodstream before reaching the digestive system.

However, if you are scared of the sharp teeth or are unable to train the dog to do this, you can try as much as possible to apply some drops of the CBD oil onto your hands then have the dog lick it off. The reason for this being that it allows the cannabinoids to be directly absorbed into the dog’s bloodstream in a very effective way.

Central to such an endeavor, if you are unable to use either of the two options as discussed above, you can actually mix the CBD oil with your dog’s food. In this case, you might be forced to use a bit more oil for the dog to enjoy the full therapeutic effect. Veterinarian recommends 4-10 drops to start out and go for pain, arthritis as well as dietary needs.

Additionally, seizures are recommended one dropper daily to twice daily. While doing this, it’s advisable that you do so under the proper guidance of your veterinarian given the fact that he or she will be able to make an informed recommendation which is beneficial as well as safe to your pet.

CBD is now legally sold in more than 50 states, and you can find many brands selling CBD products meant for pets online. It’s of great importance to note that Hemp CBD is different from Cannabis CBD. Cannabis CBD can only be found in licensed dispensaries in states that have legally recognized Marijuana.

When it comes to dosage, figuring out the right amount to give your dog can be the hardest thing. The general advice concerning dosage is that take a trial and error before you find the appropriate dose that works for your dog.

Moreover, start with a small dosage and gradually increase depending on the effects you see from your pet. It’s important to mention this once you give your dog a dose it may take a couple of hours before you notice any effects from your dog.

Therefore, if you believe your dog is not feeling any effect after a few hours of the dosage, then increase the dosage slightly later in the day or wait until the next day to try a little higher dose.

What Pet Owners are saying (Testimonials)

Early research, as well as anecdotal testimonials, shows that CBD has helped pets in many different ways. Many dog owners have taken the plan to try this alternative method for their dogs. Obtaining medical cannabis for your pet all depends on where you live and your state’s marijuana laws. Now, let me be clear.

Here are some of the few snippets of what they have to say:
According to Sadie,

A couple of weeks ago I purchased CBD oil for my dog’s occasional hip pain. We have been experiencing thunderstorms here for the past few days. My dog stresses severely during this time. Thanks to the introduction of CBD oil in our state. What a relief for all of us! Thank you so much for an excellent product that has provided my pet with a solution to years of pain and stress. I am recommending you to treat your dogs using CBD with the hopes that your pets will enjoy the benefits the CBD oil have. Thank you again for increasing the quality of life of our dogs. I can tell my dog was pain-free at last and now I am familiar with the magic of CBD. Thank you so much! Sincerely.”

According to Falkor,

“My dog had cancer and had severe storm anxiety all his life. I had difficulty keeping his weight up because he vomits so much when he is anxious. The oil helps him sleep and helps him to be able to eat without vomiting. CBD oil actually helped with his separation anxiety and just general anxiety all around. I am so sincerely grateful for this product. Every time someone asks me what is going on with my dog, I always tell them the reason as to why he’s even walking. Thanks for the existence of CBD oil.”

According to Lucy,

“My dog had cancer for two years and arthritis in both his back hips as well as a heavy limp in his front right. I used to give a dosage every morning and evening. Apparently, the change started almost immediately. Then a few months later he injured his leg when he slipped in the snow. Again I gave him THCa and eased his discomfort. While cannabis will certainly not always cure cancer, there is no doubt in my mind that marijuana can help improving many dogs’ quality of life. My story illustrates how a little of cannabis helped ease his comfort without the side effects of other medications. However, I want to remind you that, when you are treating your pet with cannabis, always use the lowest dose that is effective and start slow and small for efficient results.”

Vets still against CBD and Cannabis; Why?

From the reports and surveys conducted, many vets and experts are still cautious about endorsing and using this plant and its extracts despite the fact that it has a positive spotlight of treating our pets.

Many vets are not aware that different strains of malijuana exists. The resistance seems to stem from two main perspectives namely; lack of awareness in non-psychoactive cannabinoids and legitimate negative side effects caused by owners who use THC-infused extracts.

The legitimate concern for vets is a major point since the legalization of recreational cannabis has indeed seen an increase in cases where dogs suffer from marijuana poising. A Larger amount of psychoactive cannabis consumed by the pets can cause a dog to suffer seizures or die. What ideally makes cannabis worse is that there is no specific antidote for THC poisoning.

However, this requires the dogs to take multiple other drugs which habitually complicate further the situation. That said, the bigger issue here though is the social stigma that exists around cannabis. From the veterinarians’ point of view, marijuana is only a toxic plant.

The main contributing factor towards the resistance of the veterinarian is an external factor.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil has become quite popular in the treatment of various, human diseases. However, things are changing, and it is now even used to treat dog seizures. It’s important to remember that in the United States, Canada, and other countries, cannabis is still illegal.

Despite the fact that the legality of marijuana is changing in many locations, it’s important to obey the laws where you live. It’s evident that CBD oil is a natural remedy that can be very effective in treating dog seizures.

However, it is still amazing to witness the various treatment options being discovered that have the potential to enhance the quality of life of our beloved pets. Therefore, if your dog suffers from seizures, then you should start with a small dosage, then monitor the results and then increase it as you deem necessary.