Bluebird Botanicals
Bluebird Botanicals
  • Established: 2012
  • Origin of Hemp: Imported (Europe)
  • Taste: No specific flavors
  • Customer Service: Emails & Calls. Typically responds in 24 hrs.
  • Shipping: Free Shipping Over $50
  • Returns: Full Money Back Guarantee
  • 3rd Party Lab Results? Yes
  • Price: $$
Key Highlights
  • Offers a money back guaranteed risk free trial for 10ml tincture product
  • No distinct flavors, which can make it a bit tough when using product daily
  • Winner of 2016 Cannabist Award

Bluebird Botanicals review

Bluebird Botanicals is here with a series of specialized products. The company has long been known for specializing in production of fascinating CBD oil products. In addition, they also produce a range of botanical supplements, which include a number of premium super-foods. Prices of these items range between $55 and $900.

Bluebirds Botanicals, which is a brand known for its innovations, came into being in 2013. The two founding members of the business are Dr. Rick Potts and Brandon Beatty, a proud hemp advocate.

The herbalist responsible for creating the CBD products marketed by Bluebird has been working in this field since several years. As a result, the items you will be getting from the company will provide you with much more than the basic goodness of CBD oil.

People at Bluebird Botanicals have always been pretty outspoken regarding the environmental practices they engage in. The company always uses biodegradable and recycled materials in their packaging.

There are quite a few things that separate Bluebirds Botanicals from industry rivals. The one fact that stands out prominently is that they use words such as “respect” and “love” for describing the care and effort they put in for making their products. This is one of the rarest of rare things you will ever see a company doing. The other thing that’s special about Bluebirds Botanicals is that they offer unconditional refunds on any unused product that has failed to satisfy you. What’s more, the company has introduced a special plan for making the first time buyers happy; people buying products from Bluebirds Botanicals for the first time will be greeted with coupons.


When buying CBD products it’s extremely important to make sure that they are formulated abiding by all required safety standards. Bluebird Botanicals scores heavily even in this department. They test each of their products for more than 200 mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals. The superlative standards of the company have been verified GMP certified and independent third party laboratories. So, it’s unlikely that you would have safety issues when using products made by the company.


Each of the product manufactured by Bluebird Botanicals contain CO2 extracted, non-synthetic, full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) hemp oil of highest quality.


As a result of offering high quality products to its buyers, the company has gained significant popularity in quick time. This allows Bluebird Botanicals to earn a sizeable profit every year. A large portion of this profit is donated to charities. The company donates pretty regularly to more than nine nonprofit organizations that support individuals with disabilities like epilepsy, cancer, and autism.

Innovation and advancement

Bluebird Botanicals is among the first companies that showed the world that blending high quality botanical extracts with CBD oils gives birth to highly effective and innovative products. The company operates with the goal of coming up with useful innovations for buyers.


he Company’s core mission has always been influencing the world and humanity positively. That’s the reason why Bluebird Botanicals has left no stone unturned to ensure that the environment doesn’t get negatively affected by any of their business practices.