• Established: 2016
  • Origin of Hemp: Imported form Denmark
  • Taste: No particular taste
  • Customer Service: Livechat and email
  • Shipping: US only
  • Returns: 90 days money back garantee
  • 3rd Party Lab Results? Yes
  • Price: $$
Key Highlights
  • CBDPure follows strict manufacturing guidelines as well as stringent quality control protocols necessary to provide the highest quality CBD product available on the market.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with money back within 90 days of purchase

CBD Pure Company review

Nutra Pure, based in Vancouver, Washington, is the manufacturer of the supplement CBD Pure. The official website of this limited liability company has a section of extended services that gives all the pertinent information about the product. This section on the website gives the specific information to all the desired customers.

The supplement has been described by the manufacturer as a “pure, organic and natural” supplement with the label of “third-party tested.” SCLabs have authorized the product with a certificate of analysis, unlike many other products. The lab has been known for featuring cannabinoids along with the results when testing for pesticides. It also lists all the major components of oil. The generated result of the lab speaks loudly in favor of using CBD Pure and is also counted as the product’s major assets.

The customers are given a terpene analysis along with the cannabinoids analysis. Terpene is photochemical that is present in the plants of cannabis and is responsible for the flavor. There exists a correlation between the different terpene available in the plant and the cannabinoid’s potency. The customers are also ensured about the product’s benefit by a microbiological screening. There are no viruses, fungi or bacteria in the result list.

Since, it is not easy to extract the cannabidiol from the plants of cannabis and then to deliver the subsequent in the form of oil to the to the customers, therefore, the manufacturers of CBD Pure, that is Nutra Pure offers a residual solvent testing to its customers. The residual solvent testing is done to ensure the customers that the extraction process leaves no pernicious residues in the final product.

The CBD Pure supplement is made from the combined process of cold press extraction and CO2 supercritical method. Both the methods offer many advantages like enhanced speed which can be used for preserving more nutrients from the initial substance and increased compound selectivity that makes their way to the final product. The boasting of “full spectrum cannabinoids” which is a result of using this method of obtaining the cannabidiol oil becomes another point in favor of the supplement.



Buy CBDPure products

  • CBDPure Hemp Oil
    CBDPure Hemp Oil 600mg CBDPure
    • Total CBD: 107,39mg
    • Servings/size: 1ml
    • CBD Per Dose: 20mg
  • CBDPure Hemp Oil
    CBDPure Hemp Oil 100mg CBDPure
    • Total CBD: 100mg
    • Servings/size: 60 / 1ml
    • CBD Per Dose: 3,3mg
  • CBDPure Hemp Oil
    CBDPure Hemp Oil 300mg CBDPure
    • Total CBD: 300mg
    • Servings/size: 60 / 1ml
    • CBD Per Dose: 10mg