CBD Oil Edible Chewy Taffy 1/2 Poundmg
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CBD Oil Edible Chewy Taffy

Variations of product

Hemp Taffy® is made with CBD Essence® food grade medicinal Hemp Oil product which was grown in sustainable fashion without pesticides. 100% Safe, Non-GMO, Full-Spectrum Active Constituent-Rich CBD Oil Botanical Extracts infused into a wholesome old style chewy salt water taffy. We were the first CBD Oil Taffy Candy on the market with our Delicious Old style taffy made just like the chewy Angel Mint but infused with CBD hemp oil for the increased health effects. Hemp Taffy® is a full-spectrum industrial CBD hemp extract product that feeds the body’s deepest primal systems. Cannabis infused products are healthy and wholesome; a complement to a good health regimen. Enjoy essential oils for a refreshing aromatherapy occasion.


  • Chewy Edible CBD Hemp Oil Candy
  • 10 mg Cannabidiol (CBD) Content per Piece
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Natural Chocolate Liqueur
  • Original Formula

Additional information

Cannabidiol: (CBD) Content:  10mg per Piece of Taffy

Type of Hemp: EU Certified Industrial Hemp Varieties

Hemp Cultivation: Method: Organic

Type Of Hemp Oil: Refined Golden CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil Extraction: Process: Super-Critical CO2

Suggested Use: For Palliative Care, slowly dissolve candy in mouth 3 to 5 times daily.

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