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How To Find The Best CBD Oil For Your Needs


The demand for CBD oil is growing at an alarming rate and the market for it is exploding. It is estimated that CBD oil is going to become as profitable as the National Football League (NFL) which rakes in $13 billion in annual revenues. The spur in growth is influenced by two main factors. First off, people are beginning to understand the benefits of hemp-derived products and curiosity is replacing the stigma that was once associated with Marijuana. Secondly, more states are accepting CBD products by passing laws that make said products legal.

Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the hemp plant and is commonly known as CBD. The compound is one of the two main chemical components of the hemp plant. CBD has long been established to have beneficial qualities such as reducing inflammation, pain, and seizures, among a host of other benefits. CBD has no psychoactive properties of any kind whatsoever thus will not cause the same effects as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives the user a feeling of euphoria.

Finding the best CBD oil is quite difficult at this time since people are only just warming up to the medical benefits of the hemp plant. So, how do you get this potent alternative to pharmaceuticals without having to deal with unscrupulous businesses only looking to boost their bottom line? In this article we shall focus on how to find the best CBD oil. Read on to find out how to purchase without getting scammed;

What to look for when buying CBD oil

1. Watch out for products with claims of curing everything

Sure, CBD oil works for numerous medical conditions, however, some products almost sound like magic portions with claims of curing acne, cancer, joint pains, ulcers and virtually anything the manufacturer can think of. As an antioxidant, CBD oil has the capability to help out in many medical conditions but all we know for now is that it is more powerful than vitamin C and E.

Products that claim to cure everything are only playing with the hopes and desperation of patients who just want to get better. At the moment, there is need for more research before we can actually say what it cures and what it doesn’t cure. As you shop online, beware of hemp-derived products that promise to cure you no matter your condition; it’s most probably a marketing gimmick.


2.  It starts with the type of plants used

Now that we have the marketing gimmick out of the way, it is important to know what exactly makes good hemp oil. The first thing that contributes to making high quality hemp oil is the grower. Organically grown hemp is the best to use for high quality CBD oil.

Growing hemp plants organically is not easy and they are affected by pests such as aphids and red spider mites. For this reason, the grower will most likely spray the plants during an attack. As oil extraction is focused on the ingredients of the plant, this will also include the pesticide used.

Buyers should always insist on oil extracted from organically grown hemp plants. You should also familiarize yourself with the type of plant used to extract the oil since CBD levels vary from strain to strain. The growing conditions affect the CBD levels just as much as genotype does.


3.  The oil should be certified and tested by a third party

Check that the product is GMP certified. A hemp-derived product with Good Practices Manufacturing (GMP) certification is the best to go for. This certification shows that the manufacturer has not added any harmful substances to the product for any reason.

In the EU, GMP certification is commonplace since the value of hemp products was distinguished far earlier. In the United States, however, the governmental institutions are only just beginning to understand hemp’s potential. On the other hand, GMP certification also involves a lengthy process which manufactures may find too taxing to get through. However, this is the ultimate guarantee that you are getting the best CBD oil.

4. The extraction technique also counts

The US market is flooded with cannabis products extracted through solvent-based methods; a risky form of extraction. Solvent based extraction involves compounds such as butane, pentane, propane and the likes.
These flammable compounds are cheaper to use but affect the users’ health in a number of ways. Therefore, you want to stay away from hemp oil that has been produced through solvent extraction.

Using olive oil extraction is better even though it waters down the ingredients that you seek to extract. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the best form of extraction as it leaves no residues and gives a high quality extract. You have to check the fine print or the manufacturer information before opting for any product to make sure you have the best quality oil.

5.  Look for non-blended hemp oil

While some blends promise more benefits by using superfoods, they sometimes miss the mark. If you want the hemp taste that is typically nutty then you should avoid these blends. Often times, the blends have no effect on the body and serve only as a marketing gimmick to shoot up the price.

In addition to that, there are blends whereby the dosage of compounds is too strong.

While most products are known to have benefits and proven results, the market is flooded with products that either worsen your health or do nothing for you at all. After claims of unscrupulous practices in the industry, the FDA tested some products that claimed to have hemp oil and found that some had zero CBD content. Such is the current state of the industry. However, there are manufactures out there who offer high quality
products even though sometimes it may be at a costly price.


The other approach that will also help you find the best in the market is familiarizing yourself with the hemp plant and learning about its properties and different aspects about it. This way, you will be able to point out
something that is amiss about a product even without having to consult. Online buyers have the easy way to finding such products as they are a click away but you should also keep in mind that this is also where most scammers lurk.

Do your due diligence and trust your gut. There are quite a number of stories online that talk about people being scammed when looking for products online. To avoid these unfortunate occurrences, be sure to buy from highly reputable sellers and thoroughly screen the web for reviews.