CBD Vape Pens Reviews

How To Choose The Best CBD Vape Pens For Your Needs

  • Introduction
  • Why use CBD vape pens?
  • Things to consider before buying CBD vape pens


CBD Hemp vape oil which are used in best CBD vape pens is extracted from hemp or such cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Here the question comes, what is the difference between THC and CBD. Well, in simple words, THC is the intoxicating or psychoactive compound which are found in a cannabis plant used mainly for recreational purpose whereas, CBD vape oil is not intoxicating or psychoactive and helps to control a wide range of mental health disorders and other diseases.

Is CBD safe to use?

Now the next question that is running through your mind is either “is CBD vape pens legal” or “is using CBD vape pen mean a negative drug test result”. First of all, Hemp oil happens to be legal and used in many countries and cities for different medicinal purposes. This is possible as CBD can activate the body’s vanilloid (helps to provide relief from pain), serotonin (provides an anti-depressant effect) and adenosine (provides an anti-inflammatory effect). So, CDB have been proven to provide the following benefits:

Stimulate appetite

Nausea treatment

Seizure reduction

Improved mood

Pain relief

Lesser withdrawal symptoms

Lowered anxiety

The biggest concern is that if CBD will show up on a drug test result. The answer is no, as drug tests are always concentrating on THC and not CBD. Thus, it is crucial that you always buy the best CBD vape pens as these vape pens uses pure CBD vape oils which contains 0 to negligible or acceptable percentage of THC.

Why use CBD vape pens?

The reason why an emphasis is given on CBD vape pens is because these are easily available devices that uses CBD vape oil or CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice. While CBD hemp oil are used for oral tinctures, CBD vape oil are only extracted from cannabis for the purpose of vaping. So, the CBD vape oil/juice is in its pure form, and most importantly the THC percentage are always below 0.3%. It will not get you high and it does not have the side effects of smoking cannabis. To avoid getting high at work or when you vape, and also stay clear from a negative drug test result, it is better to go for only the best CBD vape pens. Besides, these vape pens are very easy to use and happens to be very effective showing effect almost immediately.

Other reasons why you should consider vaping CBD

There are many reasons as to why people are using CBD vape pens, here just 4 of those reasons have been discussed. So to know about the 4 benefits the comes with vaping CBD, do read on:

Relief from daytime anxiety and stress

People who deal with anxiety and stress are far too familiar with the fact that they usually have to deal with the complications when they are out and about or at office or college. During that time, there is no other way but just to deal with the stress and anxiety and carry on with their work. But with a CBD vape pen, they can benefit from its calming effects and can control their level of stress and anxiety. Vaping is allowed in a public place, so there won’t be any restriction to use the vape pen. Besides, CBD vape pen can provide the benefits without getting you high, so you will be able to function properly, appropriately and pay attention at school and college after using it. When you use CBD vape pen, then you can expect a quick to immediate effect which lasts for 2-3 hours (maximum). So, you can plan out your day and use it accordingly.

Controlled Dosage

Vaping CBD is the better option to go for as it aids in a controlled inhalation of CBD unlike in the case of using CBD pills/capsules or smoking marijuana. The dosage is the biggest issue when it comes to using any kind of hemp or cannabis products. The vape pen contains disposable cartridge or requires bottles of CBD e-liquid and juices which has the doses mentioned on the package. So, you have the option to choose 50 to 1000 mg doses, and thereby control dosage when using CBD vape pen.

Convenient option

Smoking medical cannabis are beneficial and legal in many States, but it is still considered as a taboo. In fact, it is also not possible or appropriate to smoke cannabis in public or as and when needed. Smoking medical cannabis will get you high which will disrupt your daily routine and hinder your work. Besides, smoking cannabis over a long period of time has its negative effects. So, if you are looking for an alternative to smoking cannabis without sacrificing the benefits, then using the best CBD vape pens is your answer. They are a discreet, effective and at the same time a much easier way to deal with different mental health problems and other diseases.

No prescription or medical cannabis recommendation needed

When you need to use medical cannabis there are some things that you need to look for. First of all, you need to see if medical cannabis is legal where you live or not, and secondly you need to have a doctor's signed prescription or medical cannabis recommendation from a clinic. But, CBD vape pen is available to anyone and you do not need to present any kind of recommendation or prescription to use it.

Things to consider before buying CBD vape pens

Now that you know how beneficial it is to use CBD vape pens, you must be itching to buy one for yourself as soon as possible. Thus, we are ending this helpful guide today with things which you need to consider before buying a CBD vape pen.

First of all, you need to stay away from any product that claims to cure any kind of disease. Know that there is difference between hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil and also medical cannabis. Also get familiar with the benefits that CBD can provide. Knowing this basic information will help you to spot the frauds.

When you choose only the best CBD vape pens then you can be sure of the fact that the oil present in the vape pen is non-psychoactive. The manufacturers always mention this fact openly for the convenient of the consumers/customers. And lastly, you must know that when it comes to your health it is always best to consider the quality and not the price. Look into what your chosen CBD vape pen has to offer first before the price.