Acne and CBD (Cannabidiol)

Acne and CDB

Among the various skin diseases that affect human beings, acne vulgaris happens to be the most prevailing, gripping millions across the globe. In some cases, individuals are ridiculed all through their lives for the pock and acne marks scarred all over their faces. Not only does acne indicate a poor hygiene, but it also damages one’s confidence and personality. In the US alone, as many as 50 million people are affected by this skin disease.

What Is Acne?

Generally, acne can be identified by whitehead, blackhead and pimple outbreaks on the neck, back and face. The symptoms, which can either originate from infectious, genetic or hormonal causes, occur due to excessive sebum secretion. Treatments typically include oral antibiotics that may adversely affect the body, or application of costly creams that can burn a hole in your pocket. But there is also another way- read on, and you’ll get a run-down of the connection between acne and CBD, and how the latter can effectively treat the former.

Acne And CBD

With the latest scientific and technological advancements, it is now possible to use cannabidiol, or CBD, to effectively treat acne. Researches show that plant cannabinoinds carry the potential to clear the breakouts in skin as well as moisturize the skin’s layers. Studies have also proved that constant and consistent CBD application can diminish acne and make the epidermis layer clearer.

With these revelations, is becomes clear that CBD has the capacity to treat this skin disease. Where the THC component in cannabis can cause increases in skin oil production, CBD has been shown to contribute to the opposite.

How CBD Works

The human body contains chemical compounds called endocannabinoids that are essential in regulating the skin’s oil production, hair growth and immune response. The same chemical compounds that occur in plants are called phytocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids hold the key to the production of sebum in the human skin, and when the body starts producing more endocannabinoid anandamide, there is an increase in oil production. In contrast, if the oil production is less, individuals can suffer from skin diseases such as eczema.

On applying non-psychoactive CBD on the skin cells during a scientific study, it was found that there was a decrease in production of anandamide, and consequently, the oil production also stopped. Another finding that came to light through research is that CBD offers therapeutic effects to people suffering from acne. On combining CBD with terpenes (a chemical compound), the phytocannabinoids possess the ability to alleviate the pain and inflammation that acne causes. The medicinal and natural effects of CBD added to the endocannabinoid system’s synergistic effect can easily heal those acne patients who have been spending loads of money on creams and other stinging treatments.

The amazing qualities of CBD may be hidden from the world, but the above-mentioned facts clearly show that when it comes to acne and CBD, treatment is possible and visible. With no side effects to counter and total safety associated with the use of CBD for acne treatment, it is high time medical practitioners start recommending this exclusive natural remedy for individuals suffering from acne for a prolonged time. With so many medical benefits that have been proved to be obtained through CBD, it should be made available to people on a global scale.


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