ADD / ADHD and CDB (Cannabidiol)

What does ADD and ADHD and CBD have in common?ADHD

More than you’d think. Studies have found that CBD can have a beneficial effect for individuals who have ADHD or ADD. Patients who have ADHD and ADD have a sort of hyperactive demeanor about them. They get easily distracted and have difficulty paying attention, focus and concentrating on one task.

They display erratic, repetitive behavior such as not being able to sit or lie still for long, and constantly fidget about, going rapidly from one object of attention to another.

How can CBD help with their chronic boredom, poor organizational skills, angry outbursts and excessive impulsivity?

Benefits of CBD for ADD and ADHD

Cannabidiol has shown promise on studies where traditional medications have failed.

Here’s how cannabidiol can benefit a person suffering from ADHD and ADD: Stimulates Appetite We all know that being in a state of hunger increases our levels of anxiety. We feel restless, agitated and become easily angered if we’re hungry.

People with ADD often ignore hunger pangs if they’re absorbed in a particular activity they like, i.e., playing videogames or working with their hands on a project. The symptoms become more pronounced, and health invariably suffers.

Artificial drugs such as Adderall may help with focusing, but they have a nasty side effect of masking hunger pangs. CBD is a known appetite stimulator that doesn’t give its users that kind of side effect. Instead of making food taste bad, CBD can actually make it taste better. It can help you eat the recommended foods that lower the effects of ADHD and ADD.

Calms You Down

CBD is a known compound in medical cannabis that relaxes the user when ingested. Along with that therapeutic effect, cannabidiol can reduce overall stress levels, ease anxiety and help you focus on the task at hand.

This answers about 3 of the most common symptoms in people suffering from ADD and ADHD. When people are calmer, they can concentrate more and complete tasks without difficulty.

Helps You Sleep Better

Pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed for ADD patients keep them awake until the morning. CBD has a more beneficial effect as it does the opposite- consuming CBD will help you sleep better at night.

CBD has been shown to help individuals sleep faster and make them sleep uninterrupted for a longer time. What’s more, cannabis can improve the quality of sleep by extending the time you spend in a state of deep sleep. This phase is important because this is the time when your body clears out the toxins, repairs your cells and replaces damaged tissue with newer, healthier ones.

If you’re not getting enough deep sleep, then you’ll become moody, irritated and you risk a higher chance of developing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

Reduces Nausea

ADD, ADHD and nausea is not a good combination.

Some patients suffering from ADHD may suffer from nausea and general anxiety as they go about their daily activities. Medical cannabis helps them ease anxiety and become more relaxed, which improves quality of life and well-being.

CBD can bring back ADHD and ADD patients feeling like their old natural selves and allow them to concentrate better.

Conditions that Respond to Cannabidiol