CBD – A Ray of Hope for Arthritis PatientsArthritis and CDB

Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation of the joints. With over 100 variants of the disease affecting approximately 350 million people worldwide, millions of dollars have been pumped into projects to find a cure to the disease – but only to no avail. Out of the many variants, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are widespread. Every year, a large number of patients undergo extensive physical therapy and surgery only to find unsatisfactory relief. However, newer studies over cannabidiol (CBD) have shown that the compound might hold key to an effective treatment.

Benefits of CBD for arthritis patients

Over the course of the last 3 years, several key effects and characteristics of CBD on patients suffering from arthritis were unearthed. There’s a whole host of research yet to be done on the compound, but here are some benefits of CBD that have been proven so far:

Effective Pain Management – Every organ in your body sends a chemical signal to your brain, and this mechanism enables you to feel a range of emotions ranging from pleasure to pain. CBD directly acts on your brain’s pain receptors and the immune system to prevent the sensation of pain. Patients with chronic arthritis who experience unbearable pain stand to benefit from an effective delivery of CBD to the brain’s receptors. A 2008 study also noted that CBD’s painkilling effects were unprecedented, capable of even solving other disorders that come along with arthritis – such as insomnia.

Decreased Inflammation

Patients with advanced stages of arthritis know how painful and irritating severe inflammation can be. Unfortunately, modern science has only one straightforward answer to that problem – surgery. Often times, it’s very expensive and ineffective. Only last year, a CBD study on lab rats turned out to be successful. Inflammations were significantly reduced with only four days of usage. The team of researchers agrees that CBD products will have the same effect on humans as well.

Strengthens Appetite

CBD is not only effective in reducing inflammation and pain, but it also helps your body regain some traction. Lack of an appetite, along with deprived sleep due to pain are part and parcel of life when you’re suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. A regular dose of CBD can help you regain some of that lost appetite and this will contribute to better overall health.

No Side Effects

Every time you pop that pharmaceutical pill, you’re putting your body on the line. Arthritis medications are notoriously well known for the host of side effects they bring with them. Some of them include even strokes and heart attacks. CBD has been given a clean chit in all verifiable research that has been conducted on it so far. This is partly due to the reason that it is a natural substance. The USP of CBD products such as oils is that they have very specific benefits, no side effects and completely natural.


Although several groups of researchers may argue that there’s still loads of testing to be done on Arthritis and CBD before they can recommend extensive usage, there seems to be a growing sense of acceptance among the scientific and medical community regarding the benefits of CBD for chronic patients.

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