Cancer and CBDcancer and CDB

Cancer is now one of the leading causes of deaths globally. There are different types of cancers like; skin cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer, and colon cancer just to name a few. Cancer can be caused by a number of factors like; genetic factors, environmental, and lifestyle. Irrespective of the cause, you can easily manage cancer when identified in the early stages.

How CBD Works to Kill Cancer Cells

The CBD has been tested and clinically approved to kill cancer cells. When the THC connects to the CB1 or 2, on the cancer cell, it will bring about an increase in the synthesis of ceramides. This will then drive the death of the cell. The cancer cells will die because of the little shift in the mitochondria and not the cytotoxic chemicals. Since a healthy cell will not produce the ceramide when THC is introduced, the CBD will not affect the cell.

Besides this, the ceramide will also lead to genotoxic stress in the cancerous cell. This will produce the p53 protein, which is meant for disrupting the metabolism of calcium in the mitochondria. Through this, your body will be able to keep the metabolic pressure on the cancer cell when you continuously take the CBD and THC derived from hemp plants.

Breast Cancer and CBD

The CBD will work by inducing the programmed cell death in the breast cancer cells. This is by coordinating the cross talk between the autophagy and apoptosis.

The cannabidiol acid, which is the key cannabinoid in the fiber type of cannabis is known to hinder the migration of the MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell. This means that cancer won’t spread to other parts of the breast.

The antitumor activity of the CBD plant puts a lot of emphasis on the specific effects of the Cannabidiol on the carcinoma of the human breast.

Prostate Cancer and CBD

The use of non-psychoactive CBD has been used to kill the prostate cancer cells

The induction of the apoptosis by the CBD in colon and prostate cancer cells is known to be phosphatase independent.

Brain Cancer and CBD

The CBD is known to improve the inhibitory effects of the delta9-THC on the survival and proliferation of the glioblastoma cells.

The CBD also works by inhibiting the invasion and proliferation in the T98G ns U87-MG glioma cells. This is through the effects of multitarget.

The growth of the tumor is also in the murine xenograft model of the multiforme glioblastoma is always inhibited by the local delivery of the CBD loaded micro particles

Apart from these, the CBD also aids in managing other types of cancers. It is, therefore, a very effective and excellent way that will help you to eradicate the cancer cells without having to kill the healthy cells. Since the CBD and THC are biometric to anandamide, your body will use them interchangeably.

Typically, the CBD will gravitate the CB2 receptors that are densely packed in the spleen. From this point, the immune cells will act by destroying all the cancer cells. The CBD will also prevent the uptake of the anandamide to keep your body healthy free from cancer cells.

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