Glaucoma and CBD (Cannabidiol)Glaucoma and CBD

Glaucoma is a word that could have crossed your ears more than once. It refers to an eye condition that causes the damage of optical nerve. In case this situation goes on without treatment, it can cause blindness. Therefore, it is essential to deal with this condition before it gets out of hand. Millions of people worldwide live with this problem, and this implies that it is a major issue. In case the condition advanced it can lead to blindness that cannot be reversed.

Since the year 1980, surgical treatments and procedures have improved significantly. It has resulted in cutting the blindness risk by half. However, despite the fact that treatment has improved, the active topical drugs number is limited. Glaucoma cause remains a mystery to this day and age.

With research, this condition is now considered as a neurodegenerative condition. It links to other neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. According to studies conducted, 1 out of 4 people with Alzheimer’s is diagnosed with glaucoma. It is used as a significant indicator of Alzheimer’s disease.

Due to the onset of intraocular pressure influences as well as glaucoma progression scientists recommend treatments that focus on the intraocular pressure. The only single way to prevent eventual blindness or vision loss is to reduce IOP levels. Concerning the progression and severity of glaucoma, medical experts may treat this condition with medications like eye drops and surgery if necessary. Glaucoma leads to high pressure in the eye obstructing vision.

How CBD helps to manage glaucoma

Physicians rarely consider using CBD as a treatment option for early stage as well as mid stage glaucoma. This is because they have the feeling that this would lead to various side effects. However, they are very comfortable with administering CBD during late glaucoma stages. Below are the four benefits associated with the administration of CBD for glaucoma condition.

Minimizes intraocular pressure

Ocular hypertension is a condition that highly affects glaucoma patients. It does not always happen, but 50% of open-angle glaucoma victims suffer from ocular hypertension. Mostly, high ocular pressure can lead to progressive damage of the retinal ganglion cells and optic nerve which have light sensitive photoreceptors. In case there is excessive damage, it can result in total blindness.

CBD, however, controls this condition through CBD based eye drops. These drugs have gained approval from the authorities. CBD is effective in reducing intraocular pressure as compared to other medications.


Pain does not characterize most glaucoma cases. However, there is a rare glaucoma form that consists of a stabbing and sharp pain in the eyeball. Rapid vision loss then follows this pain. CBD helps to alleviate the pain and give you maximum comfort. CBD is an analgesic, muscle relaxer, and mood enhancer. This provides subjective relief to the victim suffering from acute closed angle glaucoma attacks.


CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory. This is why when used in glaucoma victims, it offers relief to the chronic and progressive glaucoma form. Sometimes glaucoma leads to trabecular meshwork inflammation. With CBD, the inflammation is significantly reduced, minimizing the progression of the condition.

CBD is also antiemetic/antinauseant. In the cases of closed angle glaucoma attacks, victims experience vomiting and nausea which is suspected to happen due to oculometric reflex. Due to the CBD being an antiemetic this nausea feeling is alleviated for good. The above are some of the reasons why you should consider taking CBD to relief glaucoma symptoms.

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