Motion Sickness and CBD (Cannabidiol)Motion Sickness and CBD

In scientific terms, motion sickness is a condition where there’s a disagreement between an individual’s perceived movement and their vestibular system’s perceived movement. Experts refer it by other well-known names such as simulation sickness, car sickness, being air sick or sea sick, etc. In simple terms, motion sickness is when you lose the internal balance between what you see and what your body thinks of as a movement.

Individuals who experience motion sickness may feel nauseous and dizzy. Among the most common symptoms of motion sickness is constantly vomiting. Traveling long distances becomes an almost impossible task. Oddly, motion sickness presents itself more in children aged 5 to 12, in older people and in women. This condition is rare for children who are 2 years old and younger. How Can CBD Be Used To Alleviate Motion Sickness? In looking at what could possibly cause motion sickness in individuals, researchers have found a connection between the body’s internal defense system in connection with neurotoxins.

Scientists have discovered that a small part of the brain is mainly responsible for inducing the state of nausea, and in some instances, cause us to vomit. The reasoning here is that the brain is assuming that we have been poisoned, and thus drives the body to expel the poisonous stuff by throwing it out. The most known cause of motion sickness is when our internal balance is sensing a back and forth movement but our eyes see nothing.

The effect of CBD

The balance mechanism works this way- the inner ear has a nerve that senses motion when there’s a lack of visual evidence confirming the movement. For example, if you’re on a moving bus that has closed windows, motion sickness is more likely to occur. The brain thinks that the messages sent by the eyes are in error, and thus prepares a response that’s akin to someone who has ingested poison. Researchers have long known CBD is a compound in cannabis that alleviates the symptoms of nausea. CBD comes out on top when it comes to being compared with other anti-motion sickness medication because it has virtually no side effects and it works faster.

Even the FDA has recognized the virtues of cannabidiol as an effective countermeasure against motion sickness. The bottom line is that CBD is much better than any traditional treatment in curing vomiting and nausea. Luckily, there are 2 natural cannabinoid prescriptions available in the market- dronabinol and nabilone. It’s worthy to note that these cannabis-based medicines use THC instead of CBD, which is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant.

Inhalation of vapors reportedly has a faster effect as compared to ingestion or topical application. The antiemetic property in cannabidiol lowers anxiety levels and controls nausea effectively. One can understandably assume that clearing out the nausea-like symptoms can help treat motion sickness and maybe even cure it. The person no longer feels the dizzying effects of motion sickness, and the need to vomit disappears. CBD products are excellent alternatives to anti-motion sickness medicines because they are natural, safe and present no side effects.

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