Prion/Mad Cow Disease and CDBprion / mad cow disease and CBD

Just like the human brain, the cow’s brain also experiences different infections like the Prion/Mad Cow Disease. This is one of the infectious diseases that affect the brain of the cow. The prions cause the condition. The Prion/Mad Cow Disease is known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).

When a cow suffers from the condition, the prions, which are an abnormal condition will be found in the brain tissue. The infection will lead to some tiny holes in different parts of the brain. This will give the tissue a wet hole that is caused due to deterioration of the brain of the cow.

When you consume such dead tissues from the cow, you are likely to develop the human form of the Prion/Mad Cow Disease. By eating such dead cells, you are likely to develop neurologic abnormalities like; myoclonus at a later stage, ataxia that occurs in the first few weeks, and dementia, which is the loss of memory and confusion. Besides this, you will also experience a diffusely abnormal nondiagnostic electroencephalogram. The Prion/Mad Cow Disease is known as Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease (CJD) in human beings.

How CBD will Manage CJD

The CBD has been tested in different clinical tests. Carried out to prove its effectiveness in dealing with the Prion/Mad Cow Disease. In the recent studies, it has been found that the CBD aids in delaying the onset of the prion disease. This is because the CBD has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, which makes it counteract with the prion accumulation in the body quickly. With this, your body will not experience a quick build up of the prion, which causes the CJD.

The other research also indicated the CBD could cross the blood-brain barrier easily. This implies that it always has the potential to be very effective once the prion infection has reached the nervous system. By crossing the blood-brain, it will be limiting the chances of growth of the prion proteins in the body.

CBD hemp oil

The CBD hemp oil is also known to be terpenes. This is the reason why the CBD is non-psychoactive. When the CJD patients take CBD, it will aid in activating the brains areas like the opioids as it creates an analgesic effect. This is a very vital in the synaptic transmission that is responsible for controlling the endocannabinoid system. This means that you will always experience less or no pain as the endocannabinoid system will aid in reducing the pain.

Since the CBD hemp oil is neuroprotective, it will act by hindering the neurodegeneration as it reduces the oxidative stress, which is not healthy for the brain. Apart from this, the CBD also aids in protecting the brain cells and reduces the ischemic damage risk. This is because it works by inhibiting the production of glutamate.

These and much more are the ways CBD will aid you in managing the CJD. It is the safest remedy that has been approved by great doctors to deliver quality results. The CBD is all natural, and therefore, no side effects.

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