1. Is there any difference between Hemp extract oil, phytocannabinoid oil or the hemp oil?

No. There aren’t any differences in any of the products. They are just the different terminologies used by the different brands. If, however, you are unsure about CBD oil, check if the product comes with any details about the concentration or the dosage.

2. What is the difference between CBD Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp Seed Oil is usually procured from the hemp seeds and are primarily utilized for dietary purposes (something like coconut oil). Refined hemp seed oil can likewise be utilized as a part of beauty items, as they have great skin-care elements. CBD Hemp oil is not exactly the same as hemp seed oil, as it is separated from one of hemp’s numerous cannabinoids and in a general sense come with diverse properties.

3. Can I give CBD oil to my pets?

Yes. There are several brands of CBD oil that offer tinctures to pet. These are highly beneficial for animals suffering from anxiety.

4. Will I need a doctors’ prescription for purchasing hemp products?

No. As CBD is derived from industrial hemp which is primarily used as a dietary supplement, you will not need a doctors’ recommendation for purchasing hemp products.

5. Is there any difference between marijuana CBD oil and industrial hemp CBD oil?

The primary difference between marijuana CBD oil and the industrial hemp oil is in the level of THC they contain. While the former contains high doses of THC, industrial hemp has only minimal THC levels.

6. Can cannabinoid and other hemp based elements show in a drug test?

Usually, neither cannabinoid nor any hemp based element will show up in a drug test. However, in some rare cases hemp foods and oils have confirmed positive results while the urine and blood specimen had been screened.

7. How much CBD should I consume?

This is a difficult question because the dosage of CBD depends on your personality and basic needs. You can start with a small dose and eventually take larger servings if and when you need it.

8. What is the difference between the CBD hemp oil and other hemp products that can be purchased from the grocery store?

Most of the hemp products that are available in the grocery store are created with the help of hemp seed oil which again can contain trace levels of CBD. However, while it has been seen that hemp seed oil is a great nutritional source, the marginal levels in the overall weight makes it an unfeasible supplement.

The hemp oil, we manufacture, however, is produced from the stalk of some pre-selected hemp cultivars which offer higher levels of CBD in terms of weight. They also come with nutritional benefits.